Sunday, 6 February 2011


Enjoy some shots of my home made Model Airport. The Airport includes mainly GEMINI JETS, but also has some Dragon Wings, Phoenix & Herpa too!
There is also a video to watch further down the page!

I will also use this page to give you reviews on online retailers I have used to buy some of my models, and I will rate my experience with them. Good and/or bad! (Scroll down past the photos for the hard hitting but fair and honest reviews!)

As time goes by, I will include a larger selection of aircraft models for you to look at and compare, complete with details and dimensions. But for now, enjoy some snaps of my Model Airport :)


Watch a video clip of my Airport, then check back here on my blog 
in a few days for more jets that I have added to my collection!

OK, before I add any more photos, let me give you my personal opinion on a few online retailers I have used to buy some of my Jets and accessories. All incidents below occurred either near the end of 2010, and in January & February of 2011.

Firstly, let me start by saying these are my personal experiences, and any company mentioned here, are more than welcome to dispute and/or add comments if they wish!
The whole point of this review section, is to give customers a chance to make an informed decision before they buy, and to give online retailers the opportunity to see how they
got it right or wrong in my transactions with them!

Now, without prejudice, lets begin!

I will give either an EXCELLENT, GOOD, AVERAGE, POOR or AVOID rating based on my experiences with them, YOU can judge for yourselves!

AIR SPOTTERS - are specialists in model jets and has an extensive range of Gemini Jets & other brands to order. Nice easy to use website.
I rate this retailer: AVERAGE  (explanation below)
On my first and only purchase from this retailer's website, I realised that they had also listed the same two jets that I ordered from them, cheaper on their page! So I contacted them and without any fuss, they price matched and gave me back the difference. They then amended their Amazon listing to reflect the new higher prices on their website (hmm? VAT rise maybe?) Anywho, Good stuff so far!
I chose the "1st Class Signed for" shipping option. BIG MISTAKE! Item was ordered Tuesday morning. I would at least expect the item 2 days later if not the next day. However, my order arrived Saturday! 5 days later!
Let me explain..
Now to be fair, this could purely be down to the ever declining "1st Class Signed For" delivery service from Royal Mail (which was indeed offered as an excuse by the retailer when I made inquiries about my non delivery (on Thursday).
Then, when I sent another email stating I had still not received my delivery (it's now Friday) to my shock I received a very formal and non apologetic email stating that the local sorting office that deals with Air Spotters' packages, were trying out some new software so my package has not been shipped yet! I got no apology, no offer of a partial refund for shipping fees.. NOTHING!
I finally received the item on Saturday. The two model jets that arrived were very nice and were at a good price. would have received a GOOD rating if they had been a bit more customer focused.
I, the customer, gave THEM my money. I didn't give it to Royal Mail or anyone else. So that shipping problem should be dealt with between the retailer and Royal Mail, whilst maintaining customer satisfaction by at least offering some sort of an apology from them, or on behalf of Royal Mail.
I should not have received a cold and formal "oh well, ish happens" type of email!
So that is why I rate as AVERAGE.

AVIATION RETAIL DIRECT - are specialists in Model Aircraft.
Nice modern and futuristic style website complete with sound effects, although a bit slow to load compared to others.
I rate this retailer: POOR (explanation below)
To put it simply, I dislike, with a passion, the way this retailer's website and company operates!
Unlike any other online retailer known to mankind, for some reason, Aviation Retail Direct's website leaves you guessing how much you are are going to be charged for shipping! I kid you not! Now to be fair, this may not be the case with all orders, but it certainly was the case with mine when I bought a model for £25!
The website happily took my card details, but did not give me a final total amount or a delivery option!
To make things even more confusing, I received no confirmation email for my order or shipping.. NOTHING!
Instead, the website's FAQ pages states that buyers should wait up to 28 days before chasing up on an order! Huh?.. That tells me they have your money now, so leave us alone and don't bother us for at least a month! Wow!
Here is a direct quote from the FAQ pages of the website..
"The delivery options for your order are dependent upon the size, weight & value of the order and where you live, and are chosen at point of dispatch." That means no final total given to you at checkout!
Another quote "Aviation Retail Direct offers a worldwide delivery service. Subject to availability we offer a same day dispatch on all orders received by 1.00pm. Please allow 28 days for delivery before chasing your order. Please note we do not charge your credit/debit card until the item is ready for dispatch."
The two above quotes tells me that they will choose your delivery option for you (on certain orders) and you will only know how much you have been charged, once the item has already been dispatched!
Or, if you ignore their directive about not calling them for 28 days, and pick up the phone and ask them how much they charged for shipping, you just might be lucky!
I don't like this policy at all!
Of all the companies I have ever used (and I use many!) Aviation Retail Direct are the only online Model Aircraft retailer that does not display shipping charges for all orders made.
In their defense (and because I am a fair person) read another quote from their website and make up your own minds if you think this makes things better..
" We dispatch post/parcels by Royal Mail, CityLink Couriers and Fedex. For smaller parcels, we use our account with the Royal Mail to send your order. Larger items are sent next-day delivery by CityLink within the UK for 5.95. Please note, CityLink cannot deliver to PO Box addresses."
Basically, they can not (or won't) calculate shipping charges at the time of checkout for certain orders, (absolute nonsense) but will add these charges when they are ready to dispatch with no prior notification. "Ready to dispatch" being the key words!!
I placed my order with Aviation Retail Direct on the Wednesday. I phoned Aviation Retail Direct the following day (Thursday) just to get an idea of when I should roughly expect delivery.
I was informed that my order "should" be picked within a day or two (depending on how busy they are) and then it will be shipped.
I was not given the option to pay for a quicker or next day delivery. Huh? I thought this was a professional modern company in the 21st century?
Anyway, I waited, and on Friday (three days later from order date) I called and inquired about the status of my order.
I was told, and I quote "Umm, your order missed the postal collection so has not shipped yet. It will be shipped next week Monday and you should get it sort of, Wednesday, Thursday that week".
Now readers, remember, I ordered the thing on Wednesday, and now i'm being told (on Friday) I will possibly get it the following Wednesday, approximately 7 days later from order date!..?
To say I was totally dismayed and disappointed, was an understatement!
To my surprise my order actually arrived the following Monday.
The is the same Monday I was told it was going to be collected from Aviation Retail Direct for shipping!
Now either, Royal Mail picked up my order from Aviation Retail Direct at stupid o'clock that Monday morning and used an F16 Fighter Jet to fly it to my apartment, or.. someone was telling me porkies!
I can not, for the life of me, see how my order could have arrived to me via Royal Mail, the same day I was told it would be picked up from the shop/warehouse!
That meant I was either fed verbal nonsense and lies to make life easier for that particular member of staff, or, the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. I'd like to think it was the latter.
On another previous occasion, I checked Aviation Retail Direct's website as I wanted to order an Aircraft Hangar. The site was showing no stock, so I phoned them to check when it would be available to order.
The polite staff member confirmed they had none in stock, and took my details and promised me I would be contacted later that same day with information as to when the model will be available.
Fast forward 2 months later, and I never ever received a call, nor an email. So I bought it elsewhere instead!
So, I stick with my rating of POOR for Aviation Retail Direct! Mainly because of how this firm's website operates, and its ridiculous company policy on order picking and delivery.

MDR DIRECT - are specialists in model Railway but do stock a selection of Model Jets. Simple site to use.
I rate this retailer: EXCELLENT (explanation below)
One of the best online experiences I have ever had, even though the item I received from them was faulty on arrival! Let me explain..
I ordered an item for my Model Airport Diorama, but unfortunately, the item proved to be faulty.
I contacted MDR Direct, who without any fuss, nonsense or bureaucracy, sent out a replacement and even allowed me to keep the faulty one for spares! I am guessing they allowed me to keep the faulty one because I was a "regular and honest customer" and could be trusted! For which I am truly grateful and will always buy from MDR Direct!
Now that's what I call a customer focused company, and I can not recommend them highly enough!

TJ MODELS - Specialists in plastic model kits and Warhammer Figures. Very basic website and easy to order.
I give this retailer EXCELLENT (explanation below)
Basically, look in the dictionary next to the word Excellence, and you should see the company name T-J Models! T-J Models is a small firm but boy do they get it right! I ordered, online, an Airbus A380 model kit and prior to this I phoned and asked if I could get it delivered to me the next day. I also offered to pay extra for postage.
Not only did they not require any extra payment for "1st Class Signed For" delivery, I got the Airbus the very next morning! Well done TJ Models and I guess.. well done Royal Mail! (You see, I am fair!)
To sum up, a very polite firm to deal with, with great prices and very customer focused!

E MODELS -  are specialists in everything models except pre-built die-cast model jets, and has a very trendy, fresh and exciting website to browse through!
I give this retailer EXCELLENT (explanation below)
E Models, to me, are one of the best! I ordered (online) a few items from them, choosing standard delivery. Then approximately half an hour later, I phoned up and asked if I could add a few more items to my order and upgrade my shipping to next day and be re-invoiced. Their response was yes, Yes and YES!
To keep it short, I received everything I ordered, the very next day! They were very courteous and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks guys!

Ebay ID: airbase1125 
(ebay Seller based in the UK)
This seller's ebay shop and prices are very hard to beat! Some of the lowest prices I have ever seen on ebay! Great selection of new and rare Gemini models and fast delivery too! Simply the best! Definitely saved in my favorites as my first port of call when I am searching for Gemini Jets and more!

Ebay ID: pegasuscollectables70 
(ebay Seller based in the UK)  
This ebayer has a great selection of Gemini Jets and more! 
Pegasus Collectables 70, can not be faulted on customer service! A combination of great prices (if you make a decent offer) fast delivery and good communication makes this seller a must for any Gemini Jets collector! They stock Herpa and other items too!